Analog Devices offers innovative technologies which enable differentiated features and functionality in the full suite of security and surveillance end applications. Since the turn of the century, demands of security and surveillance system deployments have increased dramatically. This was brought on by the movement into the mainstream of what were traditionally viewed as high-end or government-related functions. With a broad portfolio of data converters, amplifiers, DSP, and power management devices, Analog Devices offers signal chain coverage for a number of independent end applications as well as integrated system solutions.

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  • Video Surveillance
  • There is a technology migration being undertaken in the video surveillance market. The low-end resolutions and overall functionality of analog and hybrid surveillance networks is being steadily replaced with all digital, IP-based system solutions. This shift offers increased video performance and behavioral analysis at price points consistent with traditional solutions. ADI has a rich history in high performance video solutions which can be leveraged to deploy advanced video surveillance applications for both the JPEG2000 and H.264 compression standards, as well as behavioral content analysis including video analytics. More...

  • Access Control
  • Secure physical entry systems are being deployed in all varieties of locals; commercial, residential, and municipal. Analog Devices offers solutions for access control with industry leading performance, advanced integration and low power consumption profiles. From intrusion detection systems to advanced biometric and video entry systems, ADI offers leading technology and products for Access Control applications. More...

  • Asset Tracking
  • The field of asset tracking has enjoyed wide expansion over the past decade within all aspects of business and commerce. With usage and deployment models ranging from single-point retail solutions to networked systems covering areas as wide as entire countries, the signal processing requirements scale significantly. With a wide portfolio of RF, control, and signal conditioning products as well as application specific solutions, Analog Devices is enabling differentiated end product solutions with the highest possible accuracy and lowest possible power consumption. More...

  • Scanning Equipment
  • The security scanning equipment sector involves a vast range of end equipment from laser and image based bar code readers, to luggage / cargo inspection and human monitoring. Each classification of equipment requires varying levels of component solutions based on their individual foundationary technologies. Whether laser, imager-based, or RF enabled scanning is required, ADI offers a full range of products and technologies for the evolving market of security related scanning equipment. More...

Featured Products

  • ADA4891-1


    ADA 続きを見るRead more


    - オペアンプ、シングル、高速、レールtoレール、低価格

  • ADUC7122


    DACの出力範囲は、2つの電圧範囲のうちの1つをプログラムできます。DAC出力は斬新な機能を備えており、ウオッチドッ 続きを見るRead more


    - 高精度アナログ・マイクロコントローラ、12ビット・アナログI/O、ARM7TDMI®MCU

  • ADUM4160

    ADuM41601は、アナログ・デバイセズのiCoupler® 技術に基づく、USBポート・アイソレータです。高速CMOSとモノリシック空心コアのトランス技術の組み合わせにより、これらのアイソレション製品は並外れた性能特性を提供し、低速およびフルスピードのUSB互換周辺デバイスに容易に集積することができます。

    多くのマイクロコントローラは、D+とD-ラインのみを外部ピンに提供してUSBを導入しています。これは、外部部品を最小化し設計を簡素化しますので、多くのケースで好ましいことですが、アイソレーションを必要とする場合は、特別 続きを見るRead more


    - USBアイソレータ、フル/ロー・スピード

  • ADM3251E

    ADM3251Eは高速、2.5kV完全絶縁のシングルチャンネルRS-232/V.28トランシーバ・デバイスであり、5 Vの単電源で動作します。RINとTOUTピンでの高ESD保護のため、このデバイスは電気的に過酷な環境や頻繁にRS-232ケーブルが抜き/差しされるような動作に最適となっています。

    ADM3251Eは、絶縁電源isoPower™を伴ったデュアル・チャンネルのデジタル・アイソレータを採用しています。外付けの絶縁型DC/DCコンバータは不要です。アナログ・デバイセズのチップ・スケールのトトランスiCou 続きを見るRead more


    - RS-232ライン・ドライバ/レシーバ、絶縁型、シングルチャンネル

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